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Новость от 9 Ноября 2007

Жители американского города Даллас, штат Техас, предложили Новокузнецку стать городом-побратимом

Такое предложение содержится в письме из Международной благотворительной организации Global Network Assistance, которое пришло сегодня электронной почтой на имя Главы города Сергея Дмитриевича Мартина.

Автор письма, один из крупнейших функционеров этой благотворительной организации Чарльз Ф. Дебтер, не раз бывал в Новокузнецке, привозя с собой группы туристов, медиков, спасателей, бизнесменов, благотворителей, людей, заинтересованных в культурном обмене между нашими городами.

При содействии администрации города волонтеры благотворительной организации проводили семинары с участием руководителей реабилитационных центров, которые работают с людьми, страдающими от алкогольной и наркотической зависимости. Также из Далласа в Новокузнецк не раз прибывали контейнеры с гуманитарными грузами, которые затем передавались в учреждения социальной защиты и лечебно-профилактические учреждения.

Сам же Чарльз Ф. Дебтер за свою активную деятельность был награжден областной медалью «За веру и добро».

Вот текст полученного письма:

To: Honorable Mayor Sergei Martin

From: Charles F. Debter

Dear Mr. Martin, I write to ask if you and the Novokuznetsk administration will be interested in entering Sister City or Friendship City understanding with the city of Dallas, Texas. As you know, I have visited your great city numerous time beginning in 2001 and bringing groups of American tourists including medical specialists, business leaders, members of the Dallas Fire and Rescue Department, teachers, as well as family and the friendly people interested in cultural exchanges with people in Novokuznetsk and the surrounding area.

We have conducted seminars with radiologists for the exchange of medical information, with cardiologists and emergency medicine and emergency rescue workers. In addition, workshops were held for the directors of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. We sent numerous containers of humanitarian aid to support social services departments of the city, the disabled, the elderly and other needy people. All the valuable contents of the containers were free. We met with a number of deputy mayors in your administration and other people in different departments of your administration.

We are pleased to have found great cooperation between each official. In 2005, I was honored to receive from Governor Aman Tuleev the silver medal for the faith and kindness. To receive such recognition from the highest official of the region for work in the region and in the city of Novokuznetsk was an achievement that I am proud of. Although I did not seek such recognition, this medal confirmed to me that our visits and exchange have been appreciated. We always come to work with the local population to serve, not to only serve our interests. We have made friendships in Novokuznetsk that we believe will last through the rest of our lives.

Please let me know if you are interested in entering Sister City agreement with our home city-- Dallas, Texas. And thank you for the hospitality that was shown to us during previous visits. Sincerely, Charles Debter Charles F. Debter Global Network Assistance

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